Inspiration : Wild roses and beautiful romances

Inspiration : Wild roses and beautiful romances

 The dreamy inspiration behind the wild roses collection

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So it seems 2015 is actually happening ... but that doesn't mean that I'm not living in a dreamy world where Spring has already sprung! So much so we're launching our new Roses to bring a little spring to your step (I couldn't help it!) and of course to help out with your Valentines desires. To celebrate I thought I'd share a little inspiration behind the pieces, hope you like it ...

1. Dreamy field / I have a habit of wandering in the country and stumbled across this whole field cotton grass. Dreamy and wispy.

2. Rose cake Cupcake Perfecto / I absolutely no idea what this blog says but hey, that cake looks A-MAZING. I'm a big fan of baking and LOVE cake -it was so double win.

3. Temperley bridal ad campaign / Alice Temperley knows what she's doing when it comes to anything pretty. Completely fallen for this bridal dress (and if you weren't in love already ... ) called Twinkle with these super divine appliqué flowers.

4. Secret garden /My mum's wild roses that she grew up an old bamboo ladder - enough said.

5. Floral Sweatshirt by Carven / My all time favourite sweatshirt from Carven. Floral + Neon = Yes. Easy to dress up, dress down - super cute with my Roses necklace.

6. Charles Rennie Mackintosh Roses and Teardrops floral design / Always held a massive soft spot for Mackintosh after being surrounded by his wondrous poetic work at Glasgow School of Art during my degree.

7. Jean Paul Gaultier / I was lucky enough (actually completely daunted) to be asked by the Barbican to make jewellery to accompany their Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition. When I toddled along to take a look, I completely fell for this genius corset/tutu with rosebuds.

8. First drawing of Rose / First little rendition of the Roses piece.

9. Cherry Blossoms / The way these delicate petal tissues had collected into the gutter next to the yellow lines on the street and made me smile.

10. Flower ceiling at Sevva / Yep, so this ceiling is rid-ic-ulous. Last time I was back home visiting family in Hong Kong, we went out to the very gorgeous Sevva for my birthday and I pretty much spent the whole time gawking at the ceiling.

11 - 13. Mama's roses / Watching her with her wild roses, I was always amazed how with love and care you can grow this beautiful wild thing that is tough and delicate all at the same time. Just like love.