“I create jewellery that is a talisman of love and protection; inspired by folkloric imagery, literature, and the rich tapestry of my nomadic background.”

– Bianca Jones, Founder

“When I was little my mother always used to tell me “I put a white light around you to protect you from harm”; jewellery has always remained a tangible expression of this: a unique, crafted piece which symbolises an everlasting bond between me and my loved ones, even in their physical absence. From that point, I became obsessed with the power of jewellery – a profound conduit for love, protection, and storytelling.

Every piece I create is a story of connection. Inspired by the precious jewellery passed down through generations of my family, which in turn became connected with of feelings protection and love, something which has defined my 20 years in the jewellery industry, honing my craft whilst moving across the globe.

With each design I embark on a journey. I create pieces for individuals seeking to express their personal stories and identities through beautifully crafted jewellery; giving the wearer a space to craft their own stories within my pieces.

A testament to the places you've been, the cultures you've encountered, and the memories imprinted on your soul. Through the interweaving of these elements, I craft fine hand-made jewellery which embodies love, protection, and cherished memories.”

Bianca Jones is an award-winning London-based jewellery designer with over 20 years of experience creating hand-crafted fine jewellery and bespoke pieces for those seeking to express their personal stories, beliefs, and identities.

Born in Australia, Jones moved with her family to Hong Kong and later Singapore where she spent the majority of her childhood, before arriving in the UK to study jewellery making at The Glasgow School of Art; now based in London, working out of her own studio in the City’s world famous Hatton Garden jewellery district. Citing her global, multicultural background as the ‘rich tapestry’ which serves as a constant source of inspiration for her designs, combined with her lifelong interest in art, literature and folklore.

A life-long collector of vintage jewellery and artworks, Jones’ designs are talismanic pieces inspired by folkloric symbols of protection, enlightenment and celestial divinity; personalised to each wearer and made to resonate with individual stories. Seeing jewellery as a personal way of self-protection, intertwined with deep personal sentimentality; More than just an accessory, a Bianca Jones piece is a contemporary heirloom which transcends time and trends.

Using only 100% Recycled sterling silver and gold vermeil, each Bianca Jones piece and is hand designed and custom made to order in London. Every piece comes packaged in signature recycled gift box with a custom hand-written note from Bianca herself.

Bianca Jones Midi Compass with Hand-Engraved Initial - Personalised Gold or Silver Pendant

The Compass

The Compass Charm - a symbol of guidance and protection – has been a reoccurring theme across Jones’ work and forms her signature pieces. Inspired by her mother ‘surrounding her with white light’, it’s worn as a symbol of self-discovery and a reminder to stay to your true direction, even in rough waters.

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