Style Me Sunday and her honest, unedited view of life

Style Me Sunday and her honest, unedited view of life

One of the most inspiring fashion blogs around, Style Me Sunday mixes fashion with body positivity and family-friendly ideas.

Style Me Sunday is packed full of colour and individuality. And it’s a great place to get inspiration both for your wardrobe and for the day ahead.  Founded by London-based Natalie Lee, Style Me Sunday has almost 60,000 followers on Instagram, with many more regularly following Natalie’s blog posts. To help get you in the Style Me Sunday mood, we’re taking a closer look at the blog, the Instagram profile and the charismatic founder.  Style Me Sunday and her gold Compass Necklace

The woman behind the blog - Natalie Lee

Once a midwife and lactation consultant. Natalie Lee embarked on her new career when she fell pregnant with her second child in 2012. Seeking an outlet for her creativity. She launched the Style Me Sunday blog and Instagram page and has seen both skyrocket in popularity over the years. 

Aesthetic – open, honest and bursting with colour

Although the Style Me Sunday Instagram and blog are both packed with exciting and original fashion and design ideas, there’s something uniquely honest about the images that Natalie Lee posts. Offering viewers an intimate glimpse into the blogger’s life. The posts often feature unedited photos of Natalie’s post-baby body, her family and her wardrobe.  Another thing that jumps off the page when you look at the Style Me Sunday Instagram page is the amount of colour the photos feature. With almost, every image includes at least one bright shade. With many photos featuring a cacophony of colour. Bright pinks, oranges, greens, blues and reds feature prominently, giving the Instagram page a positive feel and a vibrant aesthetic.  Style Me Sunday and her gold Compass Necklace

What does she talk about and why?

Alongside her photos, Natalie Lee often posts long descriptions and thoughts to her Instagram page. This has turned it into a sort of mini-blog. Giving followers a real insight into Natalie’s life, her style and her ideas. Have a look through the old posts on the Instagram page to learn a little more about Style Me Sunday. And the looks and lifestyle that have inspired it. 
Style Me Sunday and the Bianca Jones Compass Collection
Natalie Lee has worn pieces from our beautiful Compass Collection in a number of her Instagram posts. And matched with a wide variety of outfits - the pendants help to add visual interest to both the photos and Natalie’s wardrobe.  Thanks to the unique design and high-quality materials used, Compass pendants work well with a wide variety of looks. With Natalie Lee wearing her pendant with everything from a work outfit to a bra. It’s clear that the collection’s aesthetic is exceptionally versatile.  Find out more about our Compass pendants, and the bloggers, influencers and designers who love them, by taking a look around our site.