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Signet Oval Ring in Sterling Silver

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Signet Oval Ring, adorned with exquisite curves and a robust contour, this cherished piece perfectly complements the pinky or ring finger. Embarking on a journey through time, it seamlessly blends classic allure with contemporary sophistication, emerging as a timeless jewel in your esteemed collection.

The Signet Ring, with roots intertwined in the ancient tapestries of Anglo-Norman and Middle French civilizations, transcends mere ornamentation. This emblematic accessory held paramount significance in eras long past, embossing royal proclamations and legal documents, bearing seals that symbolized the authority and prestige of royalty. In the grandeur of ancient Egypt, Pharaohs and nobles donned ornate rings, their intricate decorations and symbols echoing their power and diverse passions, from art to history.


Embrace the modern rebirth of this historical jewel with our contemporary Signet Oval Ring. This modern rendition pays homage to the timeless allure of its ancestral counterparts while offering a unique, personalized touch. Bestow upon your loved ones this exquisite keepsake, a timeless memento that echoes the stories and bonds of your lineage.

Beyond a beautiful adornment, the Signet Oval Ring invites you to create a bespoke family emblem, a precious heirloom destined to traverse generations. This enduring piece, steeped in history and elegance, is not just a ring – it’s a legacy, a perpetual expression of love, heritage, and familial bonds.

Embark on a journey of timeless elegance and craft a legacy with the Signet Oval Ring – a perfect harmony of history, beauty, and personal significance.

More Details

Experience the exquisite craftsmanship of your hand-made Signet Oval Ring, lovingly created in the heart of London. This exceptional piece is inspired by the profound joy and meaning embedded in gift-giving. Envision the cherished sentiment the lucky recipient will forever hold close, creating a continual bond of affection and appreciation.

Behold the intricate details of the hand-carved Signet, with dimensions artfully measuring approximately 1cm by 1.2cm. The shank’s graceful width varies from 0.2cm to 0.5cm, ensuring a seamless fit that complements the elegance of every hand it adorns.

Each Signet Oval Ring bears the distinct hallmark of our maker’s mark, the Assay office, the date, and the confirmed purity of the silver, guaranteeing you a masterpiece of unmatched quality and authenticity.

Elevate the personal touch with our bespoke engraving service, allowing you to imprint your unique message ensuring that each piece is as extraordinary as the bond it celebrates. Choose the Signet Oval Ring, a harmonious blend of historic elegance and contemporary design, and let each detail narrate the unwritten stories of your cherished moments and beloved connections.

Chain Lengths
  Lauren is shown wearing all four chain lengths – 16″, 18″, 20″ and 24″

The pendants shown measure 1.8cm by 1.8cm. Lauren is 177cm / 5.10″ and wears a size 8

If you are unsure about which one to choose, our most popular chain length is 18″

We will happily send out extra chain lengths for you to choose between and return the ones you don’t like
Precious Metals & Responsibility

All of the Silver and Gold is recycled. 

18ct Yellow Gold : (750 parts of Gold per thousand)

9ct Yellow Gold : (375 parts of Gold per thousand)

Yellow Gold is alloyed with copper and silver to strengthen and give it longevity.

The shade of the Gold depends on the Gold content. Therefore, the 18ct Yellow colour is richer than the paler Yellow Gold.

Sterling Silver: 925 hallmarked Sterling Silver

Gold Vermeil: a layer of 18ct Gold Plate of at least 2.5 microns over the top of Sterling Silver.

Gold Vermeil is a layer of 18ct Gold Plate that will eventually wear away over time.

The speed of this wear is affected by elements such as being exposed to water, heat, chlorine, natural body oils, products and perfumes.

I know it’s tempting to wear your jewellery while swimming, showering or at the gym, but it should be avoided.

And it’s best to put your jewellery on after applying your make-up and lovely scent.

With all of my Bianca Jones jewellery,  I believe in creating forever heirlooms, putting people and the planet first. My pieces are either made straight into metal, hand-carved in wax or using CAD and cast through the ancient process of lost-wax-casting locally here in the UK. All of the Silver and Gold is recycled. And each piece is hand-finished with care and love.

Delivery & Returns

UK Shipping is £7.95 and Worldwide Shipping is £15. 

With some of my more expensive pieces, Fed Ex may be a preferred option for international purchases. I can quickly get a quote for you.

Please note

All Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil charm jewellery is custom-made and shipped to you in 14 working days or less.

All engraved and stone set Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil jewellery is custom-made and shipped to you in 4 weeks or less.

All Solid Gold charm jewellery is custom-made and shipped to you in 4 weeks or less.

All engraved and stone set Solid Gold jewellery is custom-made and shipped to you in 6 weeks or less.


In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your purchase, we are happy to exchange or refund items returned within 14 days of delivery. Regrettably any returns received outside of the returns window will be refused or issued with a credit. 

All items must be returned unworn, in their original packaging. We cannot accept returns on earrings, according to best practice hygiene standards, nor do we accept returns of any made-to-order, bespoke or engraved pieces.

I love gift-giving and the sentiment that goes along with it.

Signet Oval ring
Oval Signet Ring in Sterling Silver
Signet Oval ring



  • Bianca created me a beautiful bespoke necklace with my children’s initials. I love her jewellery, I have bought several pieces before and always recommend her to friends. Delicate pieces beautifully made. Love her style and the quality is amazing!

    Tessa McGinness
  • Bianca makes beautiful, stunning jewellery but what makes her really wonderful is the kindness and thoughtfulness she shows when you need any assistance deciding what to purchase. Excellent service from start to finish and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. This wasn’t my first piece from Bianca and it won’t be my last. Classic and timeless they will all last me a lifetime. Thank you so much!

    Nicola Hunter
  • Absolutely adore Bianca and her extraordinary work! She crated the most superb engagement ring (piece of art for) my my beautiful bride-to-be. Even in spite of being in Australia and Bianca being in the UK, communication throughout the entire process was flawless. I couldn't recommend Bianca highly enough. Big love from Australia! ♡

    Brodie Dear
  • Beautifully designed and created jewellery. Bianca helped me throughout the process to get the design right and ensured that everything was perfect. Bianca even followed up after I had received the necklace to make sure the recipient was happy with it! Gorgeous jewellery and personal service.

    Joe Laing
  • Bianca has made several pieces of jewellery for me and my partner. My first was a beautiful gold bee necklace which I literally never take off! She then made a signet ring for my partner and my engagement ring. Recently I found a special necklace I'd lost and Bianca redipped it for me and brought it back to life. She is so friendly and accomodating, we wouldn't go anywhere else now! Thank you, Bianca!

    Myriam Osterley
  • Bianca was an absolute pleasure to deal with...and my engraved compass charm bracelet is simply beautiful. It has become a very treasured possession. The communication with Bianca was excellent and ensured the bracelet was exactly as I wanted. I could not be happier with it and definitely hope to treat myself to more of her very special jewellery in the future!

    Fiona Shearer
  • Purchased one of Bianca’s necklaces as a gift for a friend and it was perfect! Such a beautiful piece and Bianca went above and beyond to get it to me in time for the special occasion. Would highly recommend! Thank you again Bianca.

    Lillie G
  • I first stumbled across Bianca's work a couple of years ago when i was looking for a Bee necklace for my partners birthday - not only did she create the perfect design for me, she was an absolute pleasure to deal with throughout the whole procees. Since then I commisioned her to make my partners engagement ring and I/we couldnt have been happier with the results! The ring is exactly how i imagined it and get's so many comments when people see it - Bianca even kindly re-sized it without any fuss after i managed to get the measurements frighteningly wrong - Highly reccomended :)

    Adams Cakes
  • Bianca is the most lovely, talented person I've ever purchased jewellery from. I cannot recommend her enough xx

    Gill Clark
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  • Recycled materials with soul

  • Award winning designer and maker with years (and years) of experience

  • Meaningful pieces that are made to be personal