Can a ruby be an engagement ring?

Can a ruby be an engagement ring?

Rubies are usually easy to distinguish from other gemstones due to their rich red colouring. The ruby is one of the most popular of all the coloured gemstones, mainly due to its vibrant red colour which makes it clearly stand out compared to plainer colours. But can a ruby be an engagement ring stone?

~ The simple answer is that yes, of course, it can! The choice of engagement ring really is a personal one. If you love the vibrancy of the ruby, then it can make the perfect choice for an engagement ring.

Mociun Ruby And Diamond Solitaire Ring

(Mociun Ruby and Diamond Solitaire Ring)

~ The rich, vivacious red colouring synonymous with the ruby comes from the metallic element chromium. The amount of chromium present will determine how rich the red is in a particular stone.

~ What makes the ruby a good choice for an engagement ring?


Rubies are a hard stone

~ Rubies are an incredibly hard gemstone, with a Mohs score of 9 out of a possible 10. This makes them a great choice for everyday jewellery such as an engagement ring. They are extremely hard wearing and difficult to damage. 

ruby be an engagement ring, bianca jones jewellery

(Ruby ring in 18ct Yellow Gold, Bianca Jones Jewellery)


Red colouring

~ The red colouring in the ruby makes it a great choice for an engagement ring. Red is traditionally thought of as the colour of love and romance. With their vibrant red colouring, it’s no wonder that rubies themselves are given as a sign of love and affection. Bold coloured gemstones are a popular choice for engagement rings with those who want something a little different to the norm. 

Oscar Heyman Brothers ruby and diamond ring, American, circa 1950

(Oscar Heyman brothers ruby and diamond ring, circa 1950 £5,800)


An alternative to the traditional diamond

~ Diamonds have always been the most popular choice for engagement rings. But these days, many couples are looking for something a little different, something that makes their ring stand out. Rubies make a great choice for couples seeking an alternative. Their rich red colouring means that rubies can create a real talking point, drawing attention and admiration.

Me and Ro 18K Gold Emerald Ruby Ring

(Me and Ro 18K Gold Emerald Ruby Ring £10,500)



~ Ruby is the birthstone of July. Choosing your birthstone for your engagement ring is a really lovely way to ensure that it means something extra special. It shows that thought and effort have gone into choosing the stone, and it makes a really personalised touch.

  3.36 Carat Cushion Red Ruby and Diamond Ring, David Gross

(3.36 Carat Cushion Red Ruby and Diamond Ring, David Gross, POA)


A real piece of history

~ Rubies have held a special place in history since time began. Rubies are mentioned in the Bible and have been worn by many royals throughout history. Legend tells it that rubies were believed to protect warriors in battle and bring wisdom to anyone who wore them.

~ Rubies have always been associated with deep passion and love, as well as signalling power for those who wear this precious stone. They were also believed to bring wealth and happiness – two things that were very important in royal marriages in years gone by.

~ The truth is, when it comes to choosing your perfect engagement ring, only you can decide what’s right for you. A Ruby makes a wonderful alternative to the traditional diamond. It’s striking, vibrant, rich and full of meaning.