Heart Signet Ring Cool : Red Magazine

Bianca Jones Heart Signet Ring hits the top spot of Red's edit of the best Signet rings around.

I really love signet rings on girls and I wear my heart signet ring pretty much everyday. I had originally hand made the first round signet ring as a commission in Gold and fell in love! But being a massive fan of all things heart shaped, I went in and hand carved a heart into the round shape. I wear mine on the ring finger of my right hand. Just waiting for the day to make it in Gold and sprinkle in a few diamonds!
The history of signet rings is fascinating, originally they were rings that gentlemen wore and each one bore some symbol which was unique to the gentleman who wore it. Originally, up until the 18th century signet rings had also served as seals. The process of letters being sealed by melted wax and the signet ring emblem stamped on to the wax. In the days of emails and text chat how lovely would it be to still receive a stamped sealed letter from the love of your life using their own unique signet ring to seal the deal so to speak!!
As this is such a massively outdated and impractical process of communication the next best thing has got to be one of our gorgeous Silver Heart Signet rings.
Check out the Red post here “This sterling silver ring from Bianca Jones is the perfect example of a new modern signet ring shape. Extra chunky with the heart shape carved out, it would make a beautiful addition to your jewellery collection.” Buy yours here.