How do you size a Wedding Ring?

How do you size a Wedding Ring?

Sizing a wedding ring can be quite a dilemma for some people, especially when they are planning a surprise

My bespoke wedding ring service starts with a face-to-face meeting where I measure the ring fingers of the happy couple. But if you’re determined to surprise your loved one, then I have compiled some top tips for you to bear in mind as you conduct your Mission Possible, or for you to remember as you go about choosing your ring.

Wedding and engagement rings should:

Be easy to put on, but a little difficult to take off. Be chosen when your hands are warm as temperature makes a huge difference to the size of your fingers. Be measured exactly (your ring finger on your left hand can be a different size to the same finger on your right hand) Be carefully considered (you will be wearing the ring for a very long time!)

Measuring Your Finger

When measuring your ring finger at home, try our handy Bianca Jones printable ring sizer. If you’re planning a surprise, then you could use the ring sizer to measure an existing ring that you have seen your spouse wearing on their ring finger. Match up the ring with the ring circle on the page so that the circle touches the inside of the ring all the way round to discover the correct ring size. Just remember that this is not an exact measurement and it’s best to overestimate the ring size – it’s easier to get a ring made it smaller than it is to make it larger. Another thing to remember when choosing an engagement ring or a wedding ring as a surprise is that it needs to match the personality of your spouse-to-be and something that they will love wearing for a very, very long time. If she’s cool and funky, choosing a very modern ring might be just the ticket for her as she’ll probably be just as ‘happening’ in another fifty years’ time! However, if your spouse-to-be is something of a traditionalist, then it might be sensible to err on the side of convention by choosing something timeless, yet meaningful. Alternatively, if you’re choosing a wedding ring as a surprise, then you could make simple, subtle changes to a classic design by having it engraved with a meaningful message that you’ll both be able to treasure forever. Get in touch to find out more about my bespoke wedding ring crafting service and the different metals and design options available. How do you Size a Wedding Ring Bianca Jones