Lucy Williams Shines in Bianca Jones Jewellery

Lucy Williams Shines in Bianca Jones Jewellery

Lucy Williams Shines in Bianca Jones Jewellery

Lucy Williams has an impressive 562,000 Instagram followers and significant influence in online fashion. Known for her unique style and globetrotting lifestyle, Lucy has become a fashion icon and a source of inspiration for countless readers.

The Rise of Lucy Williams

Lucy Williams began her blog, Fashion Me Now, shortly after graduating from university. What started as a personal mood board for her fashion ideas quickly gained popularity, attracting thousands of daily readers. Her honest approach, eclectic style, and beautiful photos resonated with her audience, propelling her blog and Instagram profile to new heights. Fashion Me Now blends fashion and travel, often showcasing Lucy Williams' adventures worldwide. 

Lucy Williams' Aesthetic

A quick look at Lucy Williams' Instagram reveals a life filled with exotic destinations and effortlessly stylish outfits. Her modern yet nostalgic aesthetic often features independent brands and designers, making her feed the perfect place for holiday wardrobe inspiration. Fashion Me Now is a treasure trove of ideas, encouraging readers to plan their next getaway.

Lucy Williams and Jewellery

Lucy Williams has a distinctive way of accessorising her outfits with multiple jewellery pieces. She combines delicate, elegant pieces with casual wear, creating intricate and exciting looks. This layering approach is a hallmark of her style, adding depth and personality to her ensembles.

Lucy Williams and the Compass Necklace

Lucy Williams is among the many influencers who love our Compass Collection. She has worn our compass necklaces in various shoots, from autumnal landscapes to beachside photos. The versatility of these necklaces is evident as they pair beautifully with knitwear, denim, and even bikinis. Lucy Williams' styling demonstrates the timeless appeal of our Compass Collection.

Inspiration for All Ages

Lucy Williams' combination of fashion and wanderlust is a fantastic source of inspiration for women of all ages. Her journey will have you reaching for your passport and credit card in no time. Explore our Compass Collection and discover pieces that can transform your wardrobe. Visit to learn more or get in touch for personalised assistance.

Check out Lucy Williams' blog and Instagram images to see how she styles her favourite Bianca Jones jewellery pieces, including the iconic compass necklace.