Is aquamarine good for engagement rings?

Is aquamarine good for engagement rings?

Aquamarine engagement rings make for a special and unusual choice. Your engagement ring is one of the most significant pieces of jewellery you will ever own. So you need to give it some careful thought and consideration. Whilst diamonds will always remain the traditional choice, these days there are plenty of alternatives. 

But with so much choice out there, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed, particularly if you’re drawn to a coloured gemstone. If you’re looking for something unique yet beautiful, then aquamarine would be a great option. 


Is aquamarine good for engagement rings?

The simple truth is that your choice of engagement ring has to be something you love. You will wear your engagement ring every day for many years to come, so it needs to be something you choose with care.

Aquamarine stones are stunningly beautiful, so it’s only natural that they may appeal as an alternative choice for engagement rings.

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What makes aquamarine a good choice for engagement rings?

Feminine Colour

Many brides-to-be are looking for a truly unique, feminine stone, but they want to avoid pinks and reds. Aquamarine stones have a watery, blue-green colour and are beautiful in appearance. 

Aquamarine-good-for-engagement-ring, bianca jones yellow gold aquamarine ring

Steeped in mystery and legend

Aquamarine has deep links with the ocean. It was once believed that these precious coloured gemstones were found in the treasure chests of mermaids deep down on the ocean bed. Mermaids are full of mystery and have a magical appeal, so the link between the aquamarine and mermaids creates a real air of mystique and attraction.

Aquamarine stones are also believed to bring calm and a sense of peace to anyone who wears them. When you’re planning the rest of your life, it’s important to maintain a sense of calm.

This beautiful stone is also believed to promote feelings of love and affection, making it a really appropriate choice for engagement rings.

  Aquamarine ring in Yellow Gold

A durable gemstone

The aquamarine is rated a healthy 7.5–8 on the Mohs scale, making it a hard-wearing stone, perfect for everyday jewellery. Most of us will wear our engagement ring every single day of our lives, so it’s important that we take some time to consider the durability of our choice of stone. We want to make sure that scratches and chips are unlikely to occur whilst we get on with our day-to-day lives so that our ring of choice remains intact.

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Something different yet traditional

Aquamarine stones look absolutely stunning when they’re paired with the more traditional diamonds, creating an extra special sparkle. If you want to stay true to tradition but add a touch of your own unique style, then this is a great option for an engagement ring. The watery blue colour of the aquamarine sits beautifully on any choice of metal but works particularly well with white gold and platinum.

There’s no doubt that aquamarine is a truly stunning coloured gemstone. It is unique, yet subtle in colour, and we feel that it makes the perfect choice for engagements rings.