Stylonylon gift guide for Christmas

Stylonylon gift guide for Christmas

Julia of the fashion blog Stylonylon has compiled a Stylonylon gift guide of last-minute gifts that would please anyone, and we're in the hotlist!

Thought I'd give you a little round-up of the other top picks in the Stylonylon Gift Guide! First up on her list of treats is the plant-based skincare brand By Sarah London, run by two sisters. All the ingredients are organic, vegan and cruelty-free. Inspired by sister Lauren's recovery from leukaemia, the two sisters have created a stellar brand filled with high-quality, natural products that will make your skin sing!

By Sarah London * image from Stylonylon 

Next up in the Stylonylon Gift Guide is Wool and the Gang.

I've been so impressed with Julia's knitting capabilities; she knocked out a gorgeous grey beanie in what seemed like no time AT ALL. My child-sized hands all get into a bit of muddle with knitting. Therefore I tend to find crocheting much more comfortable for this reason. But, I would love to knitting a try and have always been somewhat envious of people who can. I'm going to give them a try and maybe gift myself and my sister an e-card.


* image from Stylonylon 

Julia's love and knowledge of cameras know no bounds,

next up on her top choices is the little Olympus film point & shoot Mju ii, a 2.8 lens point and shoot. I love the thought of heading back to the past with a fun small pocketable film camera. No more deleting all the bad pics, they're the best ones! I'm a bona fide lover of tea, at any time of the day or night so I'm completely in love with her next choice of this pretty porcelain tea infuser from Jing Tea, such a lovely and handy addition to your tea addiction. compass ring in sterling silver and gold vermeil * image from Stylonylon 

As you know, Julia of the fashion blog Stylonylon and I worked together on my Compass collection -

creating a beautiful world of exploration and discovery, with a piece of precious jewellery to accompany on your journey there. And our Compass rings make into the best for last, gorgeous in a pair or one on its own, stacked up with some plain rings - all make for eye-catching combinations. Wear your compass knowing that you're finding your way, your path - the one that's just right for you.