What Birthstone Guides your Month?

What Birthstone Guides your Month?

  Birthstone Initial Necklace J A N U A R Y 

 Garnet is the precious gemstone for January. A deep crimson stone full of warmth said to bring friendship, sincerity and loyalty to the wearer. If you are lucky enough to be born in January, then you are also blessed with a stone that carries protective virtues, protecting the wearer from evil. Known as the ancient symbol of friendship, the Garnet makes for a treasured stone for those closest.

   F E B R U A R Y 

 Amethyst is the divine lilac gemstone for all those born in February. Said to strengthen relationships, signify peace, serenity and temperance. Those who wear Amethyst can expect to benefit from the balance, patience, and inner strength. It is, therefore, telling why those born in February carry great independence.   M A R C H Aquamarine, the treasured stone of mermaids embodying all things connected to the sea is the precious gemstone for March. The serene blue colour reminds us of the lapping ocean waves and clear blue skies. The wearer of the Aquamarine can be inspired and revel in its calming, soothing and cleansing properties. Often considered a stone of eternal youth and happiness, great sentiments to wear and give.   A P R I L Diamonds are the stone for the oh so lucky April born girls. A classic, sparkly yet sophisticated stone. Legends have it that lightning bolts and the tears of God created this precious gemstone. The Diamond is beautiful and entrancing and is thought to provide the wearer with positive relationships and to increase one's inner strength. Symbolic of eternal love, the Diamond makes for the perfect gift for the ones you love most, especially those born in April.   M A Y Emerald, the stone worshipped by the Incas, is the precious stone for May. The name Emerald derived from an ancient Persian word that translates to simply ‘greenstone’. A stone that is said to be connected to all the green of the natural world makes this a special gem. Considered to represent youth, hope and the future, inspire such harmonious virtues by wearing the Emerald. Birthstone Initial Necklace   J U N E

 Alexandrite is the modern gemstone for June, associated with virtues of balance, confidence and joy. A special stone that has the remarkable ability to dramatically change colour from one side of the spectrum to the other in different lights. Said to symbolise the extremes, the Alexandrite Birthstone imbues the wearer with the ability to find harmony among contrasting forces.   J U L Y Ruby, the birthstone for those born in July has deep associations of elegance, royalty and glamour. The Ruby is considered the king of gems, said to bestow the wearer with good fortune. A precious stone of a strong, deep red colour, with tales and myths appropriately labelling the Ruby the ‘firestone’. Give a ruby gemstone to those born in July and inspire the wearer with love, health and wisdom.   A U G U S T 

Peridot considered a symbol of undying love is the precious gem for August babies. Legends have it that the Peridot symbolises the tears of Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes, fitting given that this stone is formed deep inside the earth and is brought to the surface by eruptions of age old volcanoes. A birthstone said to host magical powers, means that the wearer of the Peridot brings one power, influence, luck and a wonderful year.   S E P T E M B E R Sapphire, considered to be the gem of gems is for those born in September. Since ancient times the Sapphire is a jewel steeped in history, featured in the lore of every religion and has been considered a stone that guards the wearer against evil. The Sapphire symbolises learning, purity and kindness with the clarity of its blue tones said to bring order and healing to the mind. Birthstone Initial Necklace   O C T O B E R Pink Tourmaline is the precious soft pink gemstone for October. The Pink Tourmaline and its’ hues of pink serve to remind us of the turning of the season to the blend of autumnal warm oranges, reds and yellows. The Tourmaline stone is said to have stress relief properties and helps to balance the emotional mind of the wearer. Said to be a gentle stone that touches the heart, the Pink Tourmaline Birthstone is the idea stone for the one you love and care for most.   N O V E M B E R Citrine, the stone of imagination is the precious stone for those born in November. The golden colouring of the Citrine represents the energising aura of the gemstone, a reminder of the sunny yellow rays of the sun. Said to encourage happiness, joy and optimism into an individuals life, the Citrine Birthstone makes for the perfect gift.   D E C E M B E R Topaz is the birthstone for those born in the wintery month of December, its’ light blue colouring reminiscent of walks in the snow with icicles all around. It has been said that to wear Topaz will bestow the wearer with love and promise fidelity. Wearing a Topaz precious jewel is also believed to inspire virtues of loyalty and love, strong sentiments to give and wear.